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PAK SP z o. o.o is food packaging manufacturer and printing house with over 25 years experience. 

We manufacture and print:

  • thermoforming foil #GLOSSPAK 
  • laminates #EXTRAPAK
  • bags #BAGPAK
  • casings #SUPERPAK
  • self-adhesive labels #LABELPAK

We provide professional technological care for our clients regarding the choice of packagings.

Pro-recycling strategyOur company is focus on environmental sustainbiliy in packaging:

  • Packaging weight reduction
  • Reduced evvironmental footprint
  • Product waste reduction
  • Energy saving packaging


PAK SP z o. o.o is viewed by its clients as a business partner who is flexible, reliant and open to new requirements. 

The company mission

  • To provide a safe product which is entirely reproducible! 
  • To be the quickest and the most flexible supplier on the packaging market!
  • To act as partners with clients and contractors!

Quality policy

The company developed and constantly improves a Quality Management System, according to the standard PN-EN ISO:2001 and HACCP. It enables us to provide the highest health safety of packagings offered, broaden the sales market and increase the sales value, as well as to increase employee awareness and facilitate work organisation and internal communication.

The quality policy is to be carried out by setting the following strategic goals:

  • Reinforcing the company market position
  • Increasing the sales value
  • Widening the product range
  • Increase in the efficiency of the production process
  • Thorough supervision of the technological process
  • Employers’ engagement in obtaining products of the highest quality
  • The development of infrastructure and workplace equipment
  • Lowering non-compliance rate of finished products
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of the client
  • Constant supervision of environmental impact