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Decorative labels

Decorative labels provide the greatest opportunity for you and our designers to present the product in the best way.

We offer printing on matt, half-glossy, metallised and fluorescent paper.

Our company base of resources enable us to manufacture permanent product labels through multi-stick labels and labels which can be removed without any residue.

There are options of raising an aesthetic value of labels by using lamination with transparent films, glossy and matt ones, as well as gold plating and silver plating of labels.

Casing with UV resistant surface of the entire label or its elements is an additional label protection measure against unfavourable conditions.

A range of adhesive paper labels is expanded by die cut labels – strips which are useful for products where the glue cannot directly touch the product surface.

Our product range includes also specialised self-adhesive labels, compliant with any needs.

The material combination which make it possible to use labels as:

  • warranty seals
  • data/rating plates
  • protective labels
  • labels in Braille