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Refining casings

Creping meat product casing was a good method of refining casings. An indispensable operation at the end of the casing process became very popular with our clients. All the casing types used in meat industry are available in shirred variety. Upon the client’s request the section lengths are adjusted to individual needs. Standard lengths are: 20, 25 and 30 m.

We have three high grade shirring machines for shirring casings.

MATERIALpolyamide casings, thermo-retractable, barrier, protein, traditional and easy to peel, fibrous, textile, 25 m in a roll
CALIBER RANGEwithin ø 32 and ø 130
THE PROS OF SHIRRINGshirring makes it possible to avoid time consuming and troublesome manual application of casing on the stuffing machine funnel – it prevents significant losses.


Perforation of casings is commonly used in the branch of easy to peel fibrous casings with large calibres from ø 90 to ø 120.

Film used for packing dried meat products in automatic packers flow pack type is perforated, similarly to the film for manufacturing plastic bags intended for the same product. Both casings and films may be covered with multicolour overprint.


Rounding is a manufacturing process which produces a casing shape similar to a natural beef intestine. Special shape processing makes it possible for the casing to look like a natural intestine and give the meat products a home-made, tasty appearance. Moreover, rounded covers are very resistant during stuffing and clipping, they guarantee a quick and effective course of a technological process. Barrier casings from ø 35 to ø 85 may be rounded as well. Rounded casings may be shirred 20 m per roll.

We offer round casings in two options:

  • as full rings
  • as half rings

Rounding is dedicated for high yield products, such as liver sausage.

We propose casings with single- or both side overprint.


Profiling is a process used in order to make the casing similar to a pork intestine. We are the only company in Poland which offers such “refinement” of the casings. 

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