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Special casings

Cellulose film manufactured from regenerated cellulose has been used in various branches of food industry for years. It is offered as a film for hams and smoked pork butts; it allows easy smoke penetration and prevents the elastic net from digging into the ham muscle. It is sold only in a transparent version, because during smoking it gets coloured with the natural colour of the product without artificial colouring. It is offered in rolls, capacity 50, 100 and 200 in widths: 400 mm, 480 mm, 600 mm, or as sheets in any size.


PAK TEX textile casings manufactured using an impregnated textile provide new options in terms of manufacturing offal meat products such as: liver sausages, spicy liver spreads and brawns.

Depending on the ready product basis weight, we differentiate a couple of casing types and shapes.