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About us

We supply the food industry by offering films, laminates, bags, casings and labels.

Get to know us!

At the heart of our company is an incredible love of food. And the realisation that a culinary product requires unique and safe packaging in addition to exceptional taste. It was this thought that gave rise to the family flexographic printing house.
Today, we use state-of-the-art technology, employ 190 people, you can find our packaging in every shop in Poland, and we export to 30 countries. One thing remains the same: we continue to base our values on a sense of community and partnership.

We supply the food industry with films, laminates, casings and labels for the meat, fish, dairy, confectionery and pet food industries. Our services are comprehensive: we create graphic designs, help select the appropriate packaging structure, produce the packaging, and our technical advisor helps implement it on the customer’s packaging machines.

Dwie profesjonalistki w garniturach

Our mission

We are focused on eliminating food waste by providing safe plastic packaging that extends the shelf life of food, with the least possible impact on the environment.

czerwone i granatowe figury geometryczne
czerwone i granatowe figury geometryczne


food waste

  • 1/3 of the food produced in the world never reaches its destination, becoming waste along the way*
  • in 2020 in the European Union 131kg of food/per capita was wasted*
  •  in 2020 in Poland 106kg of food was wasted per inhabitant*.

We know that there are many factors that contribute to the above statistics. We want to influence their improvement. Our role is to provide packaging that protects and preserves food to keep it healthy and edible for as long as possible.

*data: Eurostat

niebieskie opakowania PAK
Troje naukowców w laboratorium
czerwone i granatowe figury geometryczne
czerwone i granatowe figury geometryczne



PAK is a company certified to ISO 22000, BRC and FSC standards. Customers receive declarations of conformity and relevant technical specifications ensuring that the packaging can be used for food contact. Product quality and safety is supervised by the Quality Control Department and Laboratory.

czerwone i granatowe figury geometryczne
czerwone i granatowe figury geometryczne


We are committed to ensuring that both the operation of PAK and the products we manufacture have as little impact on the environment as possible.
We have implemented environmental measures to prevent pollution and waste of resources. We have submitted an environmental report demonstrating our achievements to date and outlining a plan of pro-environmental measures for the coming years, resulting in the Cleaner Production Certificate.
The Research and Development Department has implemented mono-material laminates for many customers and is continually testing further mono-material designs. We create packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing, safe and recyclable. In addition, we are successively reducing the thickness of the packaging, which has a huge impact not only on ecology, but also – economics.

Opakowania z karmą dla psa i kota


Over the last 33 years we have produced hundreds of packs for you!




Establishment of PAK

PAK is a family business, founded in October 1990. The originator and founder of PAK is Witold Karbowski.
Our history begins in a small room in Toruń’s Rubinkowo district. It was here that a dozen or so people recruited by the charismatic leader began working under the common name of “PAK”.
The driving force behind the company at this time is the printing of casings, as well as the sale of spices and small butchery equipment.


New company headquarters

PAK grows rapidly, and in 1994 – moves to a hall on Wielki Rów Street in Toruń. The company moves towards the goals set by the boss, and to make this path prudent and peaceful – hiss wife, Maria Karbowska, joins PAK’s management. More employees are quickly recruited and PAK becomes the region’s leader in supplying butchers and caterers.




Start of label printing

We are mainly active in the meat and dairy industry. We print and sell casings, but we see huge potential in label printing – we buy our first narrow web flexo printing machines.


A year of major investments

The PAK Group is established and Kalibra, a casing company, joins the group. The paths of PAK and ATRA, the Graphic Printing Factory in Toruñ, founded in 1922, are intertwined! PAK’s owners buy the company, which is going out of business, so ATRA’s employees keep their jobs and PAK gets new production space.

You can find out more about the pre-war ATRA company here




Start of flexo printing on wide web and lamination

Another milestone in our company is the investment in a flexo wide web printer and laminator. This significant step allowed us to expand our production capacity and to supply our customers even more comprehensively.


New company headquarters

PAK moves entirely to Towarowa Street, where it is currently located.




Joining the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

This is an important year in the development of PAK. Thanks to joining the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, we plan to expand the production hall, purchase new machinery and employ more Employees.


We receive a second decision on funding from the PSSE

The funds granted to us by the PSSE will support, among other things, an investment in a modern production management system, as well as innovative robots, robotic trolleys and laboratory equipment.



Film about PAK PAK

figury geometryczne
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Quality policy

The consistent quality and safety of our packaging and prints are regularly checked at every stage of production.

We have implemented and continue to improve our Food Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 22000:2018.

ISO 22000:2018 – Polish-language version

ISO 22000:2018 – English-language version

On 9.12.2019, a certification audit for compliance with the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials was conducted at our company for the first time. Since then, certification renewal audits have been conducted regularly. The last one – on 12.06.2023.Once again, our company was rated the highest – it received an AA rating.

BRC certificate

In 2018, the company implemented a chain of custody system for forest products. As of 16.11.2018, we hold the FSC CoC certificate.

FSC certificate – Polish-language version

FSC certificate – English-language version

On 13.02.2024, a Halal audit took place at PAK, which the company passed. As a result, we were awarded the Halal Product Certificate for the products: ExtraPAK, SuperPAK, BagPAK, CrystalPAK, GlossPAK, CrystalPAK Slim, GlossPAK Slim, as well as a Certificate of fulfillment of halal system requirements for production plant.

Halal Product Certificate

Certificate of fulfillment of halal system requirements for the production plant

On 29. November 2021, our company received the Cleaner Production Certificate. The document was issued by the Polish Cleaner Production Movement association, which educates and calls for changes in the functioning of various types of enterprises. Several employees from our company earned the international diploma of Cleaner Production Expert. During their training, they increased their knowledge of current environmental regulations and managing production processes in an environmentally friendly manner.

Cleaner Production Certificate – download

On 17.11.2022, our company received the Packaging Circular Economy distinction for the first time for striving to implement closed-loop economy practices in its operations.
In the following year, 2023, we received the PCE Certificate informing us that we transfer polyolefin waste from flexible packaging as raw material for the production of Stella Green brand eco-products – manufactured by ML Sp. zo.o., thus leading to their 100% recovery and processing into another finished product.

Distinction 2023

PAK is a member of the Natureef Association, which brings together companies in the packaging, chemical and food production industries that implement the latest technologies, carry out joint research and development projects and care for the environment.

Our company is a member of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster. Its mission is to create optimal conditions for development, strengthen cooperation and integration of the environment of processors and toolmakers of the polymer plastics sector, and to develop innovation and international cooperation.


On 7.11.2023 we received a distinction in the Forbes Forum of Family Companies 2023 monthly ranking, in the category of companies with revenues of more than PLN 100 million in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship.


At the various stages of production, our control procedures include such tests as:

Surface tension level
ink adhesion
conformity of the product to the order and the target sample (colours, thickness and width of the finished product, barcode quality verification, roll winding direction control, etc.)
lamination bond strength
coefficient of friction
sealing properties
seal strength and tightness

Laboratory equipment includes:

Lloyd testing machine (additionally coefficient of friction testing table)
Linear gauge
Sealing machine
Analytical balance
Thickness gauges
Surface tension testers (36-60 mN/m)
Daylight box
Seal tightness tester (bubble method)
Vacuum packer – Vevor
Luminometer – Lumitester Smart – Kikoman
Gas analyser for packaging – Oxy Baby
Barcode verifier – Rea Check ER

Do you have any questions?

Ask one of our experienced account managers. We will be happy to help you find the perfect packaging for your product!

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