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We consciously take responsibility for the reality affected by our actions.

Our goal is to make a profit in such a way that we simultaneously take care of the profit of others: our employees, customers, the environment and the community.

Responsibility towards the natural environment

In an effort to influence the minimization of food waste by providing safe packaging, we conduct research and development to reduce our environmental impact. We are reducing the weight of packaging by thinning it and suggesting manufacturers to make packaging smaller whenever possible without losing its functionality. We reduce the amount of production waste, and those polyolefins – 100% are processed into modern finished products. We construct recyclable mono-material packaging.


We focus on helping associations and foundations aimed at preventing social exclusion, as well as supporting education, culture and sports. We act locally. We constantly cooperate with the Heart of Toruń Association, which helps people in crisis of homelessness. We are involved in the activities of Domukultura_Bydgoskie Przedmieście. We support the Toruń Shelter for homeless animals. We sponsor local sports clubs.


in the workplace

We are a family-owned company and the working atmosphere is extremely important to us. We support the career development of our employees, investing in their training and courses. We take care of their health by covering the cost of private health insurance with a very broad package of services.
Cooperation, communication and relationship building are important to us. We want to create a workplace based on respect, openness and trust.
We have a Code of Ethics, creating a set of values and rules of conduct to guide PAK employees and associates.

Responsibility economic

We build lasting relationships with our customers, and ethics and mutual respect are key to us. High ethical standards apply to both our customers and suppliers.


Do you any have questions?

Ask our Marketing and PR Manager, Katarzyna Dybowska, about events in the company’s life and information related to marketing, current events and CSR and advertising collaborations.

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