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Doypack, Stand-up pouch printed in HD technology

Construction of Stand-up pouches allows to present your products in more exclusive way. It can be filled automatically or manually. We provide doypacks in many structures, thicknesses also with zippers and HD printing.

Excellent Paper Touch effect

The most important feature is that we obtain paper look and paper touch without loosing all film steam and gas barriers, puncture resistance and MAP packaging properties.

Doypack z nadrukiem w technologii HD

To wariacja worka, która dzięki konstrukcji sztywnych zgrzewów i fałdzie dolnej tworzy wygodne i uniwersalne opakowanie, które można wyeksponować. Opakowania nadają się do pakowania ręcznego lub mechanicznego. Doypacki dostępne są w wersji ze struną lub bez, w różnych kolorach, grubościach i strukturach, a także z wysokiej jakości nadrukiem HD.

Printed lidding film for trays

EXTRAPAK has medium and high barrier film structure with excellent sealing properties. We provide a wide range of film adds-on, such as easy peel, antifog, hot tack, paper and soft touch.

Printed and unprinted labels

We produce decorative paper, thermal-transfer and film labels. We are selling them on the reels or already cut of. Labels can be protected by varnish or additional layer of film. We also offer unique designs and printing.

Sausage and cheese custom printed casings.

Our casings are multilayer, shrinkable, have excellent puncture resistant and HD printing. Perfect for package your cheese, sausage, soup, pet food, pate. We provide entire service, from technology consulting through preparing designs to printing custom product.
o paku zdjęcie produktu w opakowaniu

PAK Toruń - Manufacturer of printing and barrier foil food and multilayer casings .

The company PAK Sp. o.o. This modern, well organized flexographic printing, was founded in 1990. The experience gained through years of activity has allowed us to provide printing services at the highest level. Through the search for new technological solutions we have modern machinery improving the quality of the final product. The company employs 190 people, the vast majority of people linked to production. read more


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